Cleanse Programs

3 DAY REBOOT - $475

You will receive wheatgrass supplements and protein powder to enable you to do a 3 day fast while you also take 5 herbal nutrition 3x each day. The herbal nutrition is a herbal mixture designed to pull toxic materials out of the cells.  You will also, receive seven servings of poop powder which is the “cleaner”.  It will ensure that whatever toxins you pull out of the cells are flushed on out. This also includes 3 colonics.


You receive everything you need to have a successful week-long fasting cleanse that will remove heavy metals, parasites, pesticides, and candida as well as begin to heal your gut lining.  The price includes daily colonics to ensure that all toxic material is completely removed from the body.  This is a supportive program, designed to help you get through the period easily and efficiently while you keep working. It is one of the best programs around.


CLEANSE RETREATS - Available individually

I am offering retreats on a limited basis.  They program includes an 8 day easy protocol, private accommodations, daily massages and daily infrared sauna.  Please contact me by email or phone to discuss this program further.